Support to networks of forestry education and training institutions

Why support networks?

One of the key objectives in networking is to share the knowledge and skills for development that cannot be obtained by an independent, isolated individual or institution. The goals of a network thus extend beyond the scope of individual members.

Supporting the existing networks in forestry education institutions is one example of building the capacity to solve problems independently. Institutions help each other mutually in supporting networks, and FAO supports activities directed at capacity building.

The RIFFEAC network

FAO, in the framework of the FAO-Netherlands Partnership Programme, and others [German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the World Conservation Union (IUCN)] have supported activities of the network for forestry and environmental education institutions in central Africa (RIFFEAC, Réseau des Institutions de Formation Forestières et Environmentales de Afrique Central). Most of these activities are implemented by regional members themselves, which helps stimulate the learning process.

Activities have included:
last updated:  Tuesday, August 30, 2005