Unasylva issues and articles on forestry education

Unasylva is FAO's international journal of forests, forestry and forest industries published quarterly in English, French and Spanish. It covers all aspects of forests and forestry: policy and planning; conservation and management of forest-based plants and animals; rural socio-economic development; species improvement; industrial development; international trade; and environmental considerations.

Unasilva issues on forestry education

FAO. 2004.Reinventing forestry education. Unasylva, 216.

FAO. 1970.Forestry education and training.Unasylva, 96.

FAO. 1964.Forestry training and education.Unasylva, 75.

FAO. 1948.A survey of employment and education in forestry.Unasylva, 2.

Articles on forestry education

Nair, C.T.S. 2001.Changing forestry scenarios: some history and a few speculations.Unasylva, 204: 3-11.

Berdegué, J.A. & Hart, R.D. 1997.Electronic opportunities for forestry education networking.Unasylva, 189: 26-31.

McKinley, C.R., Sidebottom, J.R. & Owen, J.H. 1996.The process of forestry extension education: speciality tree production in North Carolina, United States.Unasylva, 184: 38-43.

Konijnendijk, C. 1995.Educating foresters of the twenty-first century.Unasylva, 182: 76-80.

Dourojeanni, M.J. 1987.How good is forestry education today?Unasylva, 154.

Griffin, D.M. 1982.Questioning the relevance of graduate studies in forestry.Unasylva, 138.

Lantican, D.M. & del Castillo, R.A. 1982.Forestry education in Southeast Asia.Unasylva, 138.

de Steiguer, J.E. & Merrifield, R.G. 1979.The impact of the environmental era on forestry education in North America.Unasylva, 123.

Harley, J.L. 1977.Forestry education and research.Unasylva, 118.

Roche, L. 1975The new look of African education.Unasylva, 109.

Pyman, A.G. 1975.The need for continuing education.Unasylva, 108.

Bucarey, J.R.E. 1974.Forestry in South America: Education and the future.Unasylva, 107.

Kaufert, F.H. 1966.Graduate education and research in forestry.Unasylva, 83.

Bowers, J. 1954.Forestry and fundamental education - An experiment in Mysore, India.Unasylva, 8 (4).

Ranganathan, C.R. 1950.Forest research and education in India.Unasylva, 4 (3).

Birch, T.T.C. 1949.Forestry research and education in New Zealand.Unasylva, 3 (2).

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