European forestry innovation: charting a path towards a green economy
(8 minutes) EnglishFinnish - FrenchSpanish - Russian
This film highlights how Finland is setting an example in sustainable forest management and how the many and varied innovations emerging from Finland's forestry sector can help, not only Finland, but the rest of Europe, in achieving the goal of greening their economies.


Swedish Wood (24 minutes) takes us on a journey from the heart of Sweden's forests to wood's final destination as a solid product. A renewable, sustainable material for which we are custodians for future generations, wood is a natural resource that can meet many of our daily needs while also maintaining the planet's ecological equilibrium. The video describes how the natural elements of forest, wood and carbon are closely entwined.


Santa Claus explains the importance of forests (60 seconds)
EnglishFinnishGermanFrench - Spanish - Russian
In this one minute spot, Santa Claus introduces children to his magical, forest-covered homeland and sends his message to Europe's children that forests are of vital importance and need to be taken good care of.


Santa Claus as new European Forest Week ambassador
(3 minutes) EnglishFinnishFrench - Spanish - Russian
Santa Clause is taking time off from his busy schedule around this time of year to embrace an environmental issue close to his heart -- the state of Europe's Forests. Ministers will discuss how well Europe is managing her forests and how those forests can help European nations move further towards the goal of greening their economies.


European Forests: Central to the World We Live in gives an overall picture of Europe's most versatile ecological infrastructure. As we tour around Europe, we ask why forests continue to be so important to each region, even in the 21st century. Produced by the European Forest Institute.

  The future of Russia's forests

Russia's forests are the largest in the world and yet relatively little is know about them. What we do know is that they are hugely important to the global climate and the global economy.

  Tracing our timber This short film provides valuable insight for the European timber industry into how FLEGT licenses will assist them in complying with the new European Union Timber Regulation.

  Changing landscapes of the Mediterranean

In a region being heavily hit by climate change and experiencing population growth that's putting pressure on precious food and water resources, the need to ensure the future of these forests and the services they provide is more urgent than ever.

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