The Forestry Department of FAO has been assisting the implementation of different kinds of projects focused on tree and forest product enterprises. The Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) methodology used in these projects has also been successfully applied to other resources and opportunities, in services such as community-based tourism projects, in agricultural and timber products, and in coastal fisheries.

Examples of results obtained from using the MA&D process by different actors in different contexts:

  • MA&D helped establish a planning framework for enhancing small /community-based enterprises based on natural resources

  • MA&D helped users to find solutions tailored to their needs

  • MA&D contributed to identify new enterprise ideas in order to decrease the pressure on degraded forest and fragile ecosystems

  • MA&D contributed to the improvement of existing enterprises

  • MA&D contributed to raising the capacity of entrepreneurs

  • MA&D helped future entrepreneurs to create useful alliances

  • MA&D contributed to protect the forest and increase community-based sustainable forest management

  • MA&D produced indirect positive socio-economic impacts in the communities where it has been introduced

  • MA&D allowed community members to acquire new skills

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