Development of Forest Sector

DURATION: 2005-2008

PROJECT OBJECTIVES AND DESCRIPTION: The National Forest Sector Development project aimed to contribute to the sustainable management and conservation of forest resources as well as to achieve an increased contribution of the forestry sector in the economic and rural development of the country. The project focused on the achievement of two immediate objectives:

  • institutional capacity building for and development of the elements of a national forest programme of Serbia; and
  • support for sustainable forest management and the development of private forest sector. 

Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Government of Serbia,
Government of Finland (donor)

Project activities included the identification of potential forest products (both wood and NWFPs) and services that can be provided by Serbian forests as well as trainings on the promotion of small scale forest based enterprises for products and services related to the sustainable use and conservation of forest resources. The second activity utilized the Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) methodology developed by FAO.


  • A draft forest policy was improved and adopted by Government of Serbia (in 2006) as a Forestry Development Strategy (FDS).
  • A Forest Law (FL) was drafted, and could be assessed as a comprehensive legal act which provides corresponding framework for developmental reforms.
  • Technical support for the development of the state forest company (SFC) legislation achieved the incorporation of general legal solutions into the final Draft FL (Version 5.0), whilespecific issues of the SFC legislation were omitted with an expectation to be arranged under corresponding general legislation.
  • Technical support for the development of the Game and Hunting law (GHL) achieved a final draft.
  • A National Forest Action Programme (NFAP) of Serbia was prepared.
  • Development of the mechanisms for monitoring (of the policy, legislation and NFAP) and the concept of an integrated forestry information system for supporting the decision-making were carried out by a local sub-contractors’ company with a team of specialists, producing the “Integrated Forestry Information System (IFIS)” study.
  • Key expert proposals for the development of public forestry administration and service organization and functioning were identified.
  • Support provided for the establishment and development of forest owners’ associations (FOA) resulted in nine private forest owners associations established in Serbia for the time being under a primary forestry objective and additional four associations for development of countryside tourism. To support the development of the national forest valuation methodology, an elaborated study on Serbian forest valuation and financing was prepared consisting of two sub-studies on valuation and financing.
  • Support for the establishment and development of small and medium-sized (SME) forest-based enterprises was achieved through capacity building activities based on the use of MA&D methodology.


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