Developing a national strategy for the promotion and valorisation of non wood forest products in Burkina Faso, 2008 - 2010

Project overview: Following an earlier initiative in Burkina Faso, the 2008 - 2010 project focused on assisting the Government of Burkina Faso in developing a national strategy for promotion and valorisation of non wood forest products. The objective was to increase NWFP's visibility and  contribution to local and national economies and poverty alleviation efforts, while managing forest resources in a sustainable way.

Project partners and stakeholders: Forest Department of Burkina Faso, UNDP, CIFOR, the UK NGO Tree Aid, and village communities

Project activities:

  • Evaluation of the existing situation of NWFP;
  • Consolidation of the results of the pilot project on Market Analysis and Development (MA&D);
  • Trainings of forestry staff on the MA&D approach;
  • Elaboration of a strategy and an action plan for the promotion and valorisation of non wood forest products;
  • Organization of regional workshops;
  • Adoption of the national strategy and of the action plan;
  • Diagnostic of the legal frame for NWFP; and
  • Organization of a national workshop to validate the documentation of the national strategy, action plan, and legal frame amendments.

Key outcomes:

  1. An inventory of the NWFP sector in Burkina Faso describing the situation of all potential and existing constraints to market development regarding the resource base, stakeholders as well as institutional and environmental parameters
  2. Improved capacities within the Forest Department in new approaches to forest industry development, including the Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) approach
  3. A national strategy document and a five year action plan for the promotion and exploitation of NWFPs developed, approved and adopted
  4. A national legal and regulatory framework for the sustainable exploitation and development of NWFPs, developed and validated

 Key documents:

Compte rendu final du projet - Janvier 2012 

Stratégie Nationale de Valorisation et de Promotion des Produits Forestiers Non Ligneux - Juillet 2010 

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