Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is a tool that promotes the incorporation of environmental considerations into policy and programme formulation. The need for SEA has arisen from the project-specific nature of EIA and an awareness that environmental considerations must be incorporated into a broader policy context in an attempt to have a greater influence on the decision-making process.

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Paper by Dalal-Clayton and SadlerStrategic environmental assessment: a rapidly evolving approach
European Union SEA Web site
World Bank SEA Web site
SEA Primer (South Africa)
The SEAN platform Strategic Environmental Analysis

European Union Web site:
List of studies, reports, guidelines and documents on SEA/EIA of interest to authorities, developers, consultants, researches, organizations and the public

Towards an Analytical Strategic Environment Assessment (ANSEA)
The ANSEA Network paper, April 2002
- introduction to the ANSEA framework
- ANSEA as a tool for better SEA process

International Association for Impact Assessment
Preliminary Index of Useful Internet Web sites
- related to environmental assessment
- quite informative about SEA/EIA
- short summary of information found on each site
- information about environmental conferences
- paper : SEA-current practices, future demands and capacity building needs

European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
Federation of Environmental Citizens Organizations

- website of non-government organizations dealing with environmental issues and nature protection
- reports, activities, presentations on SEA
- current situations in different countries
- EEB seminar paper: SEA-Making a difference, 5 September 2003 (Brussels)
- a key task for non-governmental organizations regarding the SEA Directive

European Environmental Agency
Information for improving Europe's environment (in 24 languages)

World Bank
- course material on SEA
- overview and international experiences of SEA and case studies

Strategic Environmental Assessment Information Service
- general information on SEA (in UK)
- SEA in the transport sector, minerals and waste, spatial planning, water and energy, and others
- pilot studies

SEA in Eastern European countries

The Regional Environmental Centre (for Central and Eastern Europe)
Web site of international organization

- documents, projects, programs, reports on EIA/SEA and any other environmental issues
- access to documents in many languages
- links to Web sites on environmental programmes in Central and Eastern Europe
- SEA activities in regional, national level, workshops, seminars, documentations
- SEA for NDP in some countries

Summary of environmental projects and assessments (EIA) in countries:
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus , Estonia, Hungary , Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania
Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

Estonian Institute For Sustainable Development
- Web site of an international research institute specialising in sustainable development and environmental issues
- EIA/SEA in Estonia

Strengthening EIA/SEA in Poland, twining project
- project's final report
series of guidelines prepared for government officials
- reports, papers and findings produced during the course of the project

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