Publications and Web sites on environmental impact assessment

EIA in forestry


Environmental impacts of forestry Guidelines for its assessment in development countries FAO conservation guide 7. Robert C. Zimmermann. 1992. FAO (S)

EIA and environmental auditing in the pulp and paper industry. FAO Forestry Paper 129. 1996

Training manual for environmental assessment in forestry.
Report for FAO Regional Project "Forestry Planning and Policy Assistance in Asia and the Pacific". 1996. FAO Knowler, D. & Lovett, J. 1996.

Assessing forestry project impact: issues and strategies. FAO Forestry paper 114. 1993 (F) (S)

Economic assessment of forestry projects impacts. FAO Forestry paper 106. 1992 (F)

Valuing forests: context, issues and guidelines. FAO Forestry paper 127. 1995. (F) (S)

Environmental Impact Guidelines. FAO Investment Center Guidelines N. 1, November 1999


European Commission
Guide for Environmental Appraisal in Forest Sector Development Cooperation
In the annexes, background notes describe sources of impacts; receptors of impacts; environmental impacts; mitigation measures

World Bank
Putz, F.E., et al. 2000. Biodiversity Conservation in the Context of Tropical Forest Management. Environment Department Papers #75

This paper disaggregates the complex terms 'Biodiversity?and 'logging?into components and attributes presents a framework for considering the impacts of logging and other forest management activities on the various components and attributes of biodiversity.Environmental assessment sourcebook. Vol II.Sectoral Guidelines include Management of Natural Forests and Plantation Development/reforestation).

Vol III includes pulp, paper and timber processing and describes potential environmental impacts and mitigation measures.

World Bank Biodiversity and Environmental Assessment Toolkit


Donnelly, A. Dalal-Clayton, B. and Hugh, R. 1998. A directory of impact assessment guidelines (second edition). IIED, London. 220 p.
The directory includes impact assessment guidelines from many sources (governments, multilateral development banks, donor agencies, international organisations and NGOs) and covers various sectors including water, forests, health and social aspects.


UNEP Environmental Impact Assessment Training Resource Manual, Second Edition.

Integrated assessment as a tool for achieving sustainable trade policies.
Convention on the environmental impact assessment in a transboundary context (signed in 1991)EnImpAs (Environmental Impact Assessment in the Transboundary Context) is a database with a collection of information concerning project proposals encompassed by the Convention on EIA in a Transboundary context.
UNDPUNDP-Handbook and guidelines for environmental management and sustainable development.UNDP/SEED

European CommissionEIA - Studies, Reports and Guidance.European Commission. Environment General Directorate - Environmental impact section

A comparaison of six environmental impact assessment régimesThe United States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the European Community, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

OCDEGood Practices of Environmental Impact Assessment of Development Projects.
GermanyEnvironmental Handbook : Documentation on monitoring and evaluating environmental impacts:3 volumes. German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Humanity Development Library online (chapter 29 is on Forestry and chapter 57 on Timber, sawmills, wood processing and wood products)

Sweden SIDA Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment in International development cooperation1998

United KingdomEIA Leaflets series.EIA Centre. University of Manchester This series of short leaflets is published by the EIA Centre, with support from the European Commission, for use by those with interests in EIA training, particularly within the European Union. An example of the leaflet is the one on EIA Centres in Europe (from December 1998)

United StatesEnvironmental Assessment Resource Guide.US Environmental Environmental Protection USAID Environmental Documentation Manual provides information on how to do an environmental impact assessment, what to look for (decision trees), and USAID regulations.

International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)IAIA Principles of EIA Best Practice.International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) in collaboration with Institute of Environmental Assessment.

Africa - Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)Recent Developments with National and International EIA ProcessesA discussion paper prepared in collaboration with the World Bank and the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Since environmental assessment (EA) has yet to be firmly introduced in most sub-saharan African countries and the capacity to manage EA processes and undertake EA studies is extremely limited, with the exception of a few countries, the purpose of this discussion paper is to initiate a broad dialogue about what might be done to gradually expand EA capacity in the continent. This discussion paper reviews the current status of environmental assessment capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa and provides an overview of mechanisms and approaches that may be used to expand and enhance capacity. It also discusses how these mechanisms and approaches might be put to work in a strategic and cost-effective way.
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