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This page provides some initial briefing documents on the Forest Law Enforcement, Government and Trade (FLEGT) process, including the FLEGT Action Plan, Volontary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) and the European Timber Regulation (EUTR), that serve as an orientation in the field. Documents, articles and brochures published by the EU FAO FLEGT Programme can be found under Publications

Voluntary Partnership Agreements

EU - Cameroon VPA
EU - Congo VPA
EU - Ghana VPA
EU - Central African Republic VPA
EU - Liberia VPA

EU Regulations

FLEGT Action Plan
EU Timber regulation
FLEGT licensing scheme regulation
Implementing Regulation of the EU Timber Regulation

FLEGT Briefing Notes, 2007

FLEGT Briefing Note 01: What is FLEGT?
FLEGT Briefing Note 02: What is legal timber? 
FLEGT Briefing Note 03: A timber legality assurance system 
FLEGT Briefing Note 04: Control of the supply chain: Wood tracing systems and chain of custody 
FLEGT Briefing Note 05: Legality assurance systems: requirements for verification 
FLEGT Briefing Note 06: Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA) 
FLEGT Briefing Note 07: Guidelines for independent monitoring 
FLEGT Briefing Note 08: Market participant-based legality assurance and FLEGT licensing 

EFI Policy Briefs

EFI Policy Brief 2: Forest Law Enforcement,Governance and Trade – the European Union approach
EFI Policy Brief 3: What is a Voluntary Partnership Agreement? – the European Union Approach
EFI Policy Brief 5: Changing International Markets for Timber and Wood Products – Main Policy Instruments

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