Programme events

Forum on: Governance, Legality Verification Systems and Competitiveness in the Latin American Forest Sector 16 February 2015 The forum on “Governance, Legality Verification Systems, and Competitiveness in the Latin American Forest Sector”, took place in Quito, Ecuador from September 30 to October 3, 2014. The workshop sought to facilitate the exchange of experiences and lessons learnt to guide decision-making processes that will strengthen institutions and contribute to fair and equitable forest management. [more]
Colombia steps up awareness raising efforts to improve forest governance 20 March 2014 Colombia stepped up awareness raising efforts to improve forest governance, welcoming the EU FAO FLEGT Programme’s mission to the capital Bogotá on 10-14 February. Representatives from three government ministries – Environment and Sustainable Development; Agriculture and Rural Development; and Trade, Industry and Tourism – participated in the mission led by the EU Delegation, FAO and key stakeholders from civil society, regional public authorities and the private sector to discuss opportunities to bolster national initiatives to strengthen forest governance. [more]
Peru: FAO and the European Union present the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Programme 14 March 2014 FAO and the European Union introduced the FLEGT Programme at the FAO Representation in Peru. The initiative, ultimately aiming to enable Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) by combatting the presence of illegal timber on global markets, was presented to key stakeholders in the forestry sector who discussed the potential of the support available, its applicability in the country and how the work being done locally can be related to similar processes in other countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. [more]
Regional workshop on capacity building needs to support FLEGT in Asia 13 December 2013 This workshop was organized to provide an opportunity for government, civil society and private sector representatives to learn more about existing and emerging international timber market requirements and the available forest governance support programmes in the region. Participants gathered to identify key regional FLEGT support and capacity building priorities, in particular in the areas of stakeholder engagement in forest governance improvement processes, compliance to market requirements, especially for SMEs, and the development and local implementation of Timber Legality Assurance Systems (TLAS). [more]
International Forum on the sustainable development of the wood industry in the Congo Basin 4 October 2013 This forum aims to support efforts to develop the forest sector in the Congo Basin and encourage more advanced processing of wood at the local level. The forum, which will take place in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo from 21-22 October 2013 , will address the following thematic areas: the FLEGT Action Plan; advanced wood processing; market outlooks; forest certification systems; and forest plantations. [more]

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