International Poplar Commission

WOODY CROPS 2018, International Short Rotation Woody Crops Conference
Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group, Poplar and Willow Council of Canada, IUFRO Working Party 2.08.04 (Physiology and Genetics of Poplars and Willows), IUFRO Working Party 1.03.00 (Short Rotation Forestry), International Energy Agency Task 43 (Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets), International Poplar Commission Environmental and Ecosystem Services Working Party []
23 July 2018 - 25 July 2018
United States of America
Languages: English
International Phytotechnologies Society Conference
Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment - University of Novi Sad
1 October 2018 - 5 October 2018
Serbia, Novi Sad
Languages: English
Ministry of Agriculture, INTA, University of Buenos Aires, University of La Plata []
28 October 2018 - 4 November 2018
Argentina, Buenos Aires
Languages: English

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