Information activities

The extensive FAO Web site on forest genetic resources presents a comprehensive coverage of geographic and thematic issues, with relevant links to the forest, agriculture and environment sectors. The REFORGEN database summarizes information available on important tree species by country. National and regional assessments of forest tree genetic diversity are also available. FAO has published the annual news bulletin Forest Genetic Resources in three languages, of which all issues are posted online.

The Web site also presents the achievements of a number of FAO field projects related to forest seed and germplasm, tree improvement and breeding, and the integration of genetic conservation into forest and protected area management and agrobiodiversity.

In addition, FAO regularly disseminates information to member countries and relevant national institutions about developments related to emerging issues, including the applications of modern biotechnologies, biosecurity management and biological diversity considerations.

Photo: FAO

last updated:  Monday, January 10, 2011