REFORGEN is a database with information on forest tree species and the management of their genetic resources. It was initiated in 1993. The system has data on more than 1600 species in 146 different countries. It was developed for use by national institutions who, at the same time, are the main providers of information.

Information is divided in 2 major groups: data by species with related activities in a given country, and data on institutions dealing with forest genetic resources in a given country. Click here to enter the REFORGEN database.

Information topics include:

  1. species origin;
  2. species management;
  3. main uses of the species;
  4. main threats, if endangered;
  5. in situ conservation activities;
  6. ex situ conservation activities;
  7. tree improvement activities;
  8. availability of reproductive material;
  9. name of institution;
  10. address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address;
  11. name of contact person in the organization;
  12. type of organization;
  13. main activities of the organization.



last updated:  Friday, May 23, 2014