African Forest Economics Discussion List

Both the EC and FAO wish to support the development and use of national capacity in the field of fiscal policy in forestry as part of efforts to meet the challenges of implementing sustainable forest management in the region. Of course, there already exists some capacity in Africa, but it is handicapped by poor communication and networking, lack of information on recent developments in economic techniques and their application to the forestry sector and, more generally, a low level of resources to pursue research and analysis. Consequently, it has been decided to open an electronic discussion forum under this project, which we are inviting you to join.

Purpose: To enable African forest economists to meet in the forum and so develop their skills and interest, particularly in the fiscal area.

Content: FAO will post information in English and French to the forum list about current activities of the FAO-EC Partnership Programme, including: published reports and studies; requests for information; notices about workshops, meetings and information placed on the website; opportunities for research collaboration, consultancies and research grants. More general information about forest economics in Africa will also be included, and members of the network will be encouraged to submit relevant information for posting.

Implementation: FAO manages the list from its Regional Office for Africa in Accra. Information for dissemination to the members of the network should be sent to FAO in English or French, and this will be included in a newsletter every 1-2 months. Dissemination will be electronic mail, but FAO will also arrange alternative distribution of the newsletter when email facilities are inadequate. The list will run until the end of 2002, at which time continuation of the list will be reviewed.

Membership: Membership is free and open to any African national, African institution, or any individual or institution working extensively in Africa on the subject of forest economics. If you think that you would benefit from this initiative, please send an e-mail to giving your name, organization, position and mailing address (let us know also if you'd prefer the electronic or land mail version).

last updated:  Thursday, October 13, 2005