About the Fire Management Actions Alliance

Fire plays a critical role in nature and in land management:

  • in maintaining fire dependent ecosystems,
  • in providing an important and cost-effective land use tool, and
  • in causing deforestation, forest degradation, emission of greenhouse gases and destruction of livelihoods, biodiversity and infrastructure.

The purpose of the Fire Management Actions Alliance is to stimulate improved fire management and reduce damage from fire worldwide.

The Objectives are to:

  • review and update the Fire Management Voluntary Guidelines;
  • encourage stakeholders at all levels to adopt and use the Guidelines;
  • review experiences from applying the Guidelines;
  • develops / provides global examples of documents that support the Guidelines;
  • strengthen international cooperation in fire management.

The Alliance was established 16th May 2007 at the 4th International Wildland Fire Conferencein Seville, Spain by 40 founding members.