Fire management glossary

One of the recommendations from the meeting on Public Policies Affecting Forest Fires held in Rome from 28-30 October 1998 was for an internationally harmonised fire management terminology to support global or regional fire reporting systems. To help achieve this, FAO revised the FAO paper No. 70 Wildland Fire Terminology in collaboration with members of the global fire community. The said paper was originally developed by Mr Ben Lyon USDA Forest Service with inputs from France, Germany, Italy and Spain: it was originally published in 1986.

The last update and translation of the terminology was made 2005. Use the searchbox below to start using the glossary

Incident Command System Glossary

This online thematic collection contains terminology on Incident Command System in English, French and Spanish.
The online glossary contains a selection of 63 terms and definitions in English, French and Spanish and has been prepared by the Fire Management Working Group of the North American Forest Commission. 
The online system was developed by the FAO Forest Management Team, FOMR, in cooperation with the FAO Language Support Group of CSCM, in order to provide a wider dissemination of the terms and to allow for further developments in the future of the content and the languages.   It is envisaged developing the collection in other languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Russian in the future. Use the search-box below to start using the Incident Command System Glossary

last updated:  Thursday, September 12, 2013