Over the years, FAO has implemented more than 60 field projects in some 40 countries together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a number of bilateral donors. The most recent ones are shaded in the map below. In these projects, the need for integrated and participatory approaches to fire management is stressed, including the involvement of local people in the planning and execution of programmes; in the prevention, detection and control of wildfires; and in the sound management of the use of fire as a tool in management of agricultural, grazing and forest lands. Each project has also a strong country capacity development and legal review component.

FAO Fire Management projects (2004-2013)


CBFiM training 

Four international CBFiM training workshops were held in South Africa, Belize, Indonesia and China between 2004 and 2009. Additionally one national level training course was organized in Ethiopia 2009. These workshops were organized by FAO and a number of its partners. The workshops sought out participation from natural resource management professionals with expertise in developing participatory fire management policies, legislation, strategies, guidelines and work plans for community participation.

Locations of the four international FAO-organized CBFiM training workshops (2004–2009)

The shading indicates those countries represented at each workshop

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