Field measurements of trace gases and aerosols emitted by peat fires in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia during the 2015 El Niño 17 June 2016 Wildfires in Indonesia continue to recur and generate enormous impacts within the country as well as in the region on human health and well-being, trade and transport. The World Bank Indonesia Economic Quarterly December 2015 reported that the fires have constrained GDP growth and cost “an estimated IDR 221 trillion – more than twice the reconstruction cost after the 2004 Aceh tsunami” - Emerging research carried out by Indonesian and US academic institutions has provided refined estimates of the emissions from peat fires, suggesting less overall GHG emissions and identifying additional gases that pose health risks [more]
Peter Moore on the devastating wildfire in boreal forests of Alberta, Canada 10 May 2016 Interview with FAO’s forest fire expert Peter Moore, about the huge wildfire raging in Alberta, Canada in early May 2016. [more]
Forest Fires and the Law - Russian 20 September 2012 FAO Legislative Study 99 - Forest Fires and the Law, in Russian [more]
FAO FIRE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME - Managing Landscapes and fires in a changing climate 20 September 2012 Brochure [more]
Управување со пожари: Доброволни упатства. Принципи и стратешки акции 21 March 2012 Fire management voluntary guidelines in Macedonian [more]
FAO Forestry Paper 166: Community-based fire management: A review 31 January 2012 Globally, people cause most wildfires. Involving local communities in fire management practices like prevention, suppression and restoration is therefor a logical approach. The new FAO publication “Community-based fire management- A review” (FAO Forestry Paper series 166) , highlights the state of the art in community-based fire management, redefines the concept, reviews case studies and reflects on related policy and legal frameworks. [more]
Protecting forests to preserve livelihoods - FAO project in Mongolia stresses community involvement 7 November 2011 7 November 2011, Bugat, Mongolia – A UN Food and Agriculture Organization programme that helps local communities in Mongolia protect their forests is being seen as a model for regional action, as an Asia-Pacific forestry event gets underway in Beijing. [more]
Better landscape management needed to prevent forest fires - Fire management will require increased investment 9 September 2011 9 September 2011, Rome - Countries need to pay more attention to fire management on lands bordering forests in order to prevent the 95 percent of wildfires that originate from human activities in forests and adjacent areas, an international partnership for forests warned today. [more]
Growing number of mega-fires may contribute to global warming 11 May 2011 10 May 2011, Rome/Sun City - Whilst changing climatic conditions may be exacerbating the growing number of mega-fires round the world, these fires may also themselves be a contributing factor to global warming, said FAO in a report presented today at the 5th International Wildland Fire Conference in Sun City, South Africa. FAO Media Centre [more]
FAO receives top award for forest fire protection 26 November 2010 26 November 2010 , Rome - The Forestry Department of FAO yesterday received an important Spanish award in recognition of its outstanding merits in forest fire protection. [more]
FAO’s forest fire work awarded 11 November 2010 Each year, the Spanish NGO Asociación para la Promoción de Actividades Socioculturales (APAS) awards the "Batefuego de Oro" (Golden Fire Swatter) to distinguished persons and organizations with outstanding merits in forest protection against fire. FAO's Forest Assessment, Management and Conservation Division has been chosen to receive the 2010 award in the category “International”. The prize will be awarded on 25 November in Madrid. [more]
ASIA: Unquantifiable damage caused by wildfires 15 October 2010 IRIN humanitarian news and analysisa project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs [more]
Integrated fire management needed to tame fires - Australia Bushfires report in accord with FAO guidelines 24 August 2010 FAO Media Centre [more]
New handbook on fire management 19 April 2010 UN Radio ( Spanish ) [more]
Enlisting communities in wildfire prevention 19 April 2010 FAO Press Release [more]
 The wildland fire problem - an integrated approach to reduce fire losses 27 July 2009 FAO Press Release [more]

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