FAO has long had a focus on wildfire management and been one of the international organisations facilitating the development of a comprehensive approach of Integrated Fire Management through applying the 5Rs; Review and Analysis, Risk Reduction, Readiness, Response to fires and Recovery. In this continuing effort FAO has worked alongside and partnered with UNISDR, WMO, WHO and others including through the Regional Forest Commissions across the world. FAO has contributed an invaluable series of publications, projects, programs and services to its member countries and engagement with many other agencies, multi-lateral agencies, development partners, NGOs and INGOs and networks. Collaborating with these partners and member countries FAO will continue to support, lead and create technical publications of direct relevance in support of Integrated Fire Management that constitutes good practice and supports the implementation of these practices at policy and field level.

Review of Community Based Fire Management 1 August 2011 FAO has made dedicated efforts to strengthen the capacities of member countries in forest fire management. Over the years, many fire management projects have been implemented in member countries. Building on the experiences of FAO and others, two complementary approaches to firemanagement have been developed. [more]
Fire management global assessment 2006 3 July 2006 Review and analysis of fire management, incidence and impact in all regions, with global analysis [more]
Fire management Voluntary guidelines: Principles and strategic actions 2 June 2006 The Fire Management Working Papers report on issues addressed in the FAO work programme. [more]


last updated:  Friday, August 26, 2016