Woody invasive species

While several international and national programmes target the issue of invasive species, especially in forest and fragile ecosystems, there is scant data on the phenomenon of introduced forest trees turned naturalized or invasive. The issue is all the more important since the global movement of forest reproductive material, either through intentional or unintentional ways, is likely to increase in the future.

There is an overall lack of information on the issue globally. Information sharing is necessary in the planning and implementation of any strategy for the management of invasive species. A global literature review, complemented by in-depth regional and national analyses, shows that the forestry sector is not always aware of the issue. There is a need to raise awareness and to strengthen a biosecurity perspective when introducing, testing and managing exotic forest resources.

Some information on woody invasive species such as Prosopis in Sahelian Africa and invasive forest tree species in the Indian Ocean islands is available on the FAO Biosecurity in forestry Web site.