NFMA Publications

This section contains all NFMA publications since the programme was established. Documents listed include Working Papers and technical documents related to programme’s activities, methodology development, workshops and Expert Consultations as well as thematic papers on Forest Monitoring and related fields.

Country Specific publications

For each of the countries where the NFMA programme has worked (or is currently working) a number of documents are produced, including: planning doucments, field manuals, final reports and related technical material. The complete set of publications can be found for each country within the Country Projects Pages

Manual for integrated field data collection

The manual for integraded field data collection constitutes the basis for the development of the methodology in each country. The manual serves as the template and reference document and therefore it goes through periodic update for capturing the evolution in the methodology for responding to country information needs.

  • Manual for integrated field data collection - [English]
  • Manual para la recolección integrada de datos de campo - [Spanish
  • Manuel pour le relevé intégré de données sur le terrain - [French]
  • Руководство по полевым работам - [Russian]

Working Papers

Working Papers 1 through 35 are published within the MAR WP series and are available at the web site of  Strengthening Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting (MAR) on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in Asia


 Other Publications



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