Knowledge reference for national forest assessments

The Knowledge Reference for National Forest Assessments was developed jointly by FAO, IUFRO Division 4, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences provides a valuable resource for foresters, scientists, teachers and other stakeholders. It is used in FAO's support to develop and implement national forest assessments in developing countries, and can be used for free, for example as teaching material.

A new version of the Knowledge Reference for national forest assessment [KR2] is currently under finalization.

Share fair event on NFI during COFO 2012

A Share fair event was organized during COFO 2012 to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to have a dialogue in an informal setting. All participants were given the chance to share their experiences, challenges and solutions in a way that can be inspirational or instructive for other countries. See below for more information.

last updated:  Thursday, October 4, 2012