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Desafíos de la información sobre bosques y cambio climático 28 November 2014 Artículo por Carla Ramírez Zea / Asesora Técnica Principal Forestal, FAO Perú [more]
Curso de capacitación sobre Sistema de Clasificación de la Cobertura de la Tierra 24 October 2014 Land Cover Classification System (LCCS). Taller en Cusco, Perù – Octubre 13-17, 2014. Este trabajo implica la armonización de las clasificaciones y leyendas empleadas en los diferentes mapas temáticos de manera tal que exista un grado de coherencia y comparabilidad entre ellos. [Nota de prensa] [more]
FAO launches free open-source tools for forest monitoring 10 October 2014 IUFRO World Congress, Salt Lake City: Join us for the first public launch of Open Foris Suite. Learn more about the free open-source tools available for forest monitoring. Friday 10 October | 12:00-13:00 | Room 250b. Developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and its many partners, these tools have been designed to change the way nations monitor the state of their forests and improve the data needed to tackle deforestation and climate change. [more]
Entrenamiento en un sistema flexible para el manejo de datos del inventario nacional de bosques nativos 29 September 2014 Open Foris training with forestry experts from Argentina, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea and Uruguay. News item on the website of the Observatorio National de Biodiversidad - Argentina. [more]
News-piece on Brazilian TV about NFI activities 18 February 2014 Click to see the video [more]
Systèmes de Surveillance et de MNV Nationaux pour les Pays du Bassin du Congo 14 November 2013 Les forêts du bassin du Congo représentent le second massif forestier tropical contigu après l’Amazonie. La possibilité offerte aux pays d’Afrique centrale de participer activement aux négociations sur le climat et aux mécanismes qui seront définis va dépendre principalement de leur capacité à produire, à partir de méthodes et techniques de mesures fiables, les informations nécessaires à la définition des politiques, mesures et actions nationales visant à réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre liées à la déforestation et à la dégradation des forêts. L’objectif général de ce projet consiste à soutenir l’élaboration et la mise en œuvre de systèmes nationaux de surveillance et de Suivi, Reportage et Vérification en accord avec les décisions internationales concernant la REDD+. [more]
Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring 25 September 2013 Information on the process towards the compilation of Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring is now available on this website. Material include brochures and draft versions for discussion of the first two sections of the document. All material is available in English, French and Spanish [more]
News clippings on Inventário Florestal Nacional - Brasil - June 2013 10 July 2013 A collection of news on the Brasil National Forest Inventory - by the Serviço Florestal Brasileiro [more]
New tool to improve assessment of forest biomass and carbon stocks 9 July 2013 A new online platform launched by FAO will allow countries to improve the assessment of forest volumes, biomass and carbon stocks. This data is crucial for climate change research and mitigation activities, such as increasing the carbon stock in forests through reforestation, and bioenergy development. [more]
News clippings on Inventário Florestal Nacional - Brasil - May 2013 13 June 2013 A collection of news on the Brasil National Forest Inventory - by the Serviço Florestal Brasileiro. [more]
NFI Brazil - Santa Caterina State: results published 10 April 2013 Results from the Inventário Florístico Florestal de Santa Catarina are now available on line for download (four volumes). Follow the link to read more about the project's objectives, methodology and results. [more]
Mapping the forest in Viet Nam - Video 12 March 2013 The Government of Finland is working with FAO to provide Viet Nam with the funding and expertise to plant the seeds of a sustainable and profitable forest management. Through these partnerships, Vietnam is building on its success in sustainable forestry in recent years. [more]
NFI field activities launched in the state of Paraná, Brazil 12 March 2013 News on the launch of the fieldwork for the Brazilan NFI in the state of Paraná - from the web site of the Serviço Florestal Brasileiro [article in Portuguese] [more]
Videos from Country projects 20 February 2013 How is FAO supporting countries in their National Forest Inventories? Watch videos from Tanzania, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Kyrgyzstan. [more]
Evaluación Nacional Forestal - Ecuador 15 February 2013 A wonderful video explaining the activities related to The National Forest Inventory in Ecuador, with interviews and field techiniques. [more]
New ways forward in sustainable resource management in Vietnam 5 February 2013 The Finnish government is working together with FAO to provide Viet Nam with the funding and expertise which will allow the country to plant the seeds of a sustainable and profitable forest management. Through these partnerships, Vietnam is building on its successes in sustainable forestry in recent years. [more]
Soil carbon monitoring using surveys and modelling - General description and application in the United Republic of Tanzania - FAO Forestry Paper 168 4 February 2013 The objective of this report is to describe the application of survey- and modelling-based methods for monitoring soil organic carbon stock and its changes on a national scale. Examples of applying the methods are demonstrated in the United Republic of Tanzania. The report presents a design of the first inventory of soil organic carbon, including discussion on factors that affect the reliability of carbon stock estimates and a design of a modelling-based approach, including links to national forest inventory data and discussion on alternative soil organic carbon models. [more]
Improving the assessment of forest biomass and carbon stocks, using tree equations 1 December 2012 Forest services in most countries are now required to make more accurate assessment of forest carbon stocks and carbon stock changes. Jointly published by FAO and the French research centre CIRAD, the Manual for building tree volume and biomass allometric equations is the first tool to provide all the necessary information from the field up to the biomass estimation. The appropriate development and use of tree allometric equations are particularly important when assessing forest carbon stocks and will help national policymakers to make informed decisions regarding bioenergy development and climate change mitigation activities. [more]
News clippings on Inventário Florestal Nacional - Brasil - October 2012 23 October 2012 A collection of news on the Brasil National Forest Inventory - by the Serviço Florestal Brasileiro. [more]
Share Fair event on NFI @COFO 2012 4 October 2012 A Share fair event was organized during COFO 2012 to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to have a dialogue in an informal setting. All participants were given the chance to share their experiences, challenges and solutions in a way that can be inspirational or instructive for other countries Click for more information [more]
FAO mission to Brazil for the IFN Project 7 September 2012 O Serviço Florestal Brasileiro recebeu entre os dias 22 e 28 de agosto um grupo de especialistas da Organização das Nações Unidas para Agricultura e Alimentação (FAO) sediados na Itália e no Brasil. [more]
Zambia - Speech by the Minister of Lands on ILUA Phase II. 31 August 2012 The Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Hon. Wylbur Simuusa MP., delivered a speech on ZNBC Television on the occasion of the launch of the country wide integrated land use field assessment (Phase II). Read the speech here. [more]
 Ten Central African countries agree to improve forest monitoring 7 August 2012 A new regional initiative will help ten Central African countries to set up advanced national forest monitoring systems, FAO announced today. The forestry project will be managed jointly by the Central Africa Forests Commission (COMIFAC) and FAO in close collaboration with the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE). [more]
 FAO helps Tanzania monitor carbon stocks 16 May 2012 FAO is helping scientists and policymakers in Tanzania evaluate how much carbon is stored in forests and forests soils, which will enable them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. mplemented by the Tanzanian government and FAO and funded by Tanzania and Finland, the $5.6 million project involves 16 field teams which have been working for two years, collecting field data from 3,400 sites in Tanzania. Soil sampling is being carried on 25 percent of these sites. [more]
Image and Geospatial Data Processing Workshop concluded 29 December 2011 In 2011 a workshop was held at FAO Headquarters on Image and Geospatial Data Processing, organized and delivered by the Forest Monitoring Team of FAO Forestry Department. The participants included professionals responsible for the Remote Sensing component of the National Forest Inventories (NFIs) currently being supported by FAO in Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, Viet Nam and Zambia. (click for full article - pdf file) [more]
Observing Deforestation from Space 2 December 2011 Angola's NFI benefits from FAO's Global Remote Sensing Survey [more]
Toward a second, new, and improved version of the Knowledge Reference for National Forest Assessments 30 September 2011 A meeting was held in Stockholm on September 22-23, 2011 to discuss current status and further development of the work toward a second, new, and improved version of the Knowledge Reference (KR) for National Forest Assessments. The first version of the KR was developed in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and is available on line (from NFMA home page). The Second version (also in collaboration with SLU) aims at improving and updating the content while special attention is given to the means of distribution (not only through a web portal) and network of dissemination. [more]
27 September 2011 How information is gathered and used for national policy decision. Snapshot of FAO's work on: Forest Resources Assessment and Information & National Forest Program (including FAO collaboration with Swedish institutions). Meeting arranged jointly by The Forest Initiative (FI), FAO, SLU. [more]
15 September 2011 A workshop on National Forest Monitoring and Assessment and REDD+ was carried out from 29/8 to 2/9 2011 in collaboration with the National Institute for Conservation and Forest Development of Honduras (ICF), USFS, USAID, UNREDD, and FAO. Workshop details and presentations can be downloaded here [5MB] [more]
20 July 2011 GEF announced the successful launch of the project “Strengthening National Policy and Knowledge Framework in Support of Sustainable Management of Brazil´s Forest Resources”. This project aims to provide good quality information and analysis on forest resources and land use to improve policies and decision making by stakeholders so as to increase Brazilian forests contribution to national sustainable development. The initiative is designed as a five-year project, mainly to provide technical assistance to develop the core capacities and support the implementation of the NFM&AS. It will be executed with FAO as implementing agency and the Brazilian Forest Service (BFS) as the primary executing partner. [more]
24 March 2011 Zambia Remote Sensing Survey: In 2011, as a part of the second phase of ILUA, global satellite image sampling provided by JRC and FAO was intensified to match the ILUA sample units, aimed at producing the first ever national level historical rates of forest area change for 1990 - 2000 - 2005. Results are in the process of being analyzed. A poster highlights key steps in the coordinated approach in Zambia [more]
23 March 2011 The Second phase of the Integrated Land Use Assessment of Zambia (ILUA II) was successfully launched on November 2010. [more]
22 December 2010 Бишкек (АКИ press ) - Национальная инвентаризация лесов Кыргызстана показала удовлетворительные результаты, сообщила на пресс-конференции в агентстве «Кабар» начальник отдела Управления экологического мониторинга и лесоохотоустройства Венера Сураппаева. По ее словам, мониторинг показал, что леса составляют 5,6% территории республики. «Сейчас была определена площадь лесов, и теперь необходимо определить их границы и принадлежность, кто будет за ними следить», - сказала она. «При следующей инвентаризации мы сможем сравнить, увеличиваются или уменьшаются площади лесов республики», - отметила она. Как отметил статс-секретарь Госагентства охраны окружающей среды и лесного хозяйства Абдымитал Ченгожоев, инвентаризация лесов велась последние 2 года. Определялись не только площади лесов, но и качественный и породный состав. Инвентаризация проводилась не по советской методике, используемой ранее, а по новой методике, предложенной донорами [more]
22 December 2010 Bishkek (AKI) - National forest inventory of Kyrgyzstan has shown satisfactory results, announced at a press conference in agency "Kabar" Head of the Office of Environmental Monitoring and Forest inventory Venera Surappaeva. According to her, monitoring has shown that forests cover 5.6% of the country. "It has been defined forest area, and now we need to define their boundaries and ownership, who will manage them" - she said. "The next time we will through the inventory be able to evaluate the trends in increasing or decreasing forest area of the country", - she said. As noted by the State Secretary of the State Agency of Environment and Forestry Abdymital Chengozhoev, the national forest inventory was carried out during the last 2 years and it assessed not only the forest area, but also its quality and species composition. The inventory was not carried out by the “Soviet method” previously used, but new methods provided by donors (FAO). [more]
22 December 2010 КАБАР, 17 декабря 2010 года. «В Кыргызстане завершена национальная инвентаризация лесов», - заявил сегодня на пресс-конференции в Агентстве «КАБАР» статс-секретарь Государственного агентства охраны окружающей среды и лесного хозяйства республики Абдымитал Чынгожоев.По его словам, эта работа была начата в 2008 году при поддержке проекта ФАО (продовольственная и сельскохозяйственная организация Объединенных Наций). Каждые 5 лет в нашей стране проводился учет лесного фонда по советской методике. Но этот метод уже устарел. Такая работа в странах СНГ ведется впервые, Кыргызстан попал как пилотная страна и наши сотрудники работали в составе этой группе.«Это очень большая работа. Мы хотели получить достоверные данные о наших лесах, и мы должны думать о завтрашнем сохранении лесов», - отметил статс-секретарь.В результате инвентаризации лесистость составляет 1123045,2 га – 5,26% из них на территории государственного лесного фонда (ГЛФ) и особо охраняемых природных территории (ООПТ) – 846043,4 га или 4,23%, также вне территории ГЛФ и ООПТ -277001,8 га или 1,39%. Также участники обсудили наболевшую проблему вырубки ёлок в преддверии Нового года. По словам А.Чынгожоева, разрешение дано двум лесхозам Чуйскому и Ысык-Атинскому, которые должны обеспечить ёлками школы и детсады Бишкека. «Проводятся рейды. По административному кодексу штраф налагается по длине вырубленной елки», - сказал начальник Управления экологического мониторинга и лесоохотустройста Камиль Ашимов Отметим, что система лесоучетных работ Кыргызстана берет свое начало с 1995 года, но с 2008 года развивается по 2-х уровневой системе, т.е. включается (по аналогии с другими европейскими странами) новое мероприятие учета – национальная инвентаризация лесов (НИЛ). Кроме того, самостоятельно функционирует повыдельное устройство лесов, то есть лесоустройство. (Р.Алмакунова) [more]
22 December 2010 Kabar, December 17, 2010. "Kyrgyzstan has completed a national inventory of forests", - said at a press conference in agency "Kabar" Mr Abdymital Chyngozhoev, State Secretary of the State Agency of Environment and Forestry of the Republic. According to him, this work was initiated in 2008 with the support of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Every 5 years in our country, we took into account forest on Soviet methods. But that method is outdated. This type of inventory is the first in the Central Asian region, and Kyrgyzstan is the first country to implement it and our people worked together on this. "This is a very big job. We wanted to get reliable data about our forests and we need to think about tomorrow's forest conservation "- said the State Secretary. As a result, the inventory showed 1,123,045.2 ha of forest in Kyrgyzstan (5,26%), of which 846,043.4 hectares (4.23%) were found in the territory of the State Forest Fund (SFF) and Protected Areas (PAs), while outside the territory of SFF and PAs - 277,001.8 hectares (1.39%) were found. Great concern over illegal felling of Christmas trees now just before the holidays was discussed, and according to A. Chyngozhoeva, permissions were given to two forest enterprises in Chui and Issyk-Ata, to provide firs for schools and kindergartens in Bishkek. "According to Forest law, the penalty shall be imposed on the length of harvested trees, "- said the head of the environmental monitoring and forest management Camille Ashimov. Note that the forest inventory system in Kyrgyzstan dates back to 1995, but as of 2008 it has evolved to 2-level system, (by analogy with European countries), to provide national level information through National Forest Inventory (NFI), in addition to the operational planning level of forest information (forest management plan inventory), (R. Almakunova). [more]
4 November 2010 The field data collection was completed in 2009 and the remote sensing survey, also completed last year, was carried out within the Swiss-Kyrgyz forestry programme. Recent activities include scrutinising data in the NFMA database and organization of three data processing and analysis training workshops. Currently five national consultants are working on the last phase of the project: finalization of data processing and analysis, report writing (in Russian and later translated into English), printing and organization of final seminar and press conference. The project will be completed by the end of 2010. Details on the Kyrgyzstan NFMA here . [more]
9 February 2010 Situation du projet d’évaluation des ressources forestières nationales (IFN) au Congo au 31 décembre 2009: 82 Unités d’échantillonnage (UE), sur un échantillon global de 450, ont déjà fait l’objet d’un traitement complet (collecte des données sur le terrain, saisie et apurement des données). Ce qui correspond à un taux de réalisation du travail de terrain d’environ 18%. La collecte des données biophysiques et socio-économiques se poursuivra dans les 368 unités d’échantillonnage restantes en 2010. La prochaine descente sur le terrain est programmée pour le début du mois de Février 2010, et prévoit la mobilisation de 15 équipes de terrain. [more]
2 February 2010 Collaboration entre Suivi et Evaluation des Ressources Forestières Nationales et l’Enquête par Télédétection : l’exemple de l’Angola [more]
1 February 2010 National Forest Monitoring and Assessment and FRA2010 Remote Sensing Survey programs: collaboration on the Angola example [more]
29 October 2009 A video (in Spanish) on the Inventario Forestal Nacional is now available online also through FAO's official YouTube channel [more]
28 September 2009 The NFMA will participate at the WFC 2009 with a Side Event on: National forest monitoring and assessment: an essential tool for national policies and international reporting [more]
14 July 2009 The NAFORMA launching ‘Data needs and Inventory design workshop’ took place in Dar Es Salaam, from 30th June till 2nd July 2009. The workshop aimed at gathering all the necessary data and information concerning inventory data and user needs for National Forest Assessment (NFA) in Tanzania. The workshop was attended by some 70 participants including (local stakeholders from ministries, NGOs, international and national experts) and finished with concrete recommendations of different working groups, to be used by the local FAO consultant team, deadline end of July 2009. The most important issues were information needs, sampling design and stratification, the possible link with REDD, and land use/ vegetation classification options. Further project implementation was discussed, as well as linkage between different ongoing RS initiatives FRA RSS, GEO, the Norwegian lidar project, UN-REDD and the NAFORMA, to set up a road map what’s to be done in the upcoming months and to identify the actions and actors in the following phases of the project. The UN REDD joint mission will revise the JNP in the end of July. [more]
24 June 2009 A Needs Assessment Workshop was held in Banjul, The Gambia on June 17-19. Participants included over fifty people from more then twenty institutions, NGOs, academic and governmental agencies (GBOS, KOMMFORA, National Planning Commission, NARI, University of the Gambia, NACO, Dept. of Water Resources, Dept. of Agriculture, Concern Universal, etc.)During plenary and working group sessions the participants reviewed and discussed the main concern and needs for the National Forest Assessment (NFA) in the Gambia. A list of over 100 issues were categorized in terms of their relative importance. The workshop results went beyond the scope of the NFA therefore it proved to be an excellent exercise for raising a number of issues of concern for the Gambia natural resource and livelihood. All participants actively engaged in the discussion. Techincal meetings were also held as well as a recoinnassance field mission. [more]
1 June 2009 Mr. Jim Carle, Chief FOMR, presented on "Support to Forest Inventory and Monitoring in Developing Countries" and NFMA activities at IUFRO Division 4 - Extending Forest Inventory and Monitoring over Space and Time - May 19-22, 2009 Quebec City, Canada. More here: [more]

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