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Integrated Land Use Assessment - Phase I [2005-2008]

Zambia's forests face immense pressures such as extensive practices of shifting cultivation and slash and burn; ever-increasing demands for wood-based energy (firewood and charcoal); unsustainable commercial utilization of indigenous tree species; overgrazing; and forest fires.

Zambia's Integrated Land Use Assessment 2005-2008 is unique and the first of its kind to gather extensive data on all land use extents, uses and management. The project was carried out in collaboration with line Government Departments and ministries. The Integrated Land Use Assessment project lead institution is the Forestry Department (Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources) and collaborating institutions are Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives), Survey (Ministry of Lands), Central Statistics Office (Ministry of Finance and National Planning), ZAWA (Zambia Wildlife Authority), University of Zambia, Copperbelt University, Zambia Forestry College and Local Authorities (Council).

The Government’s interest concerning land use is to put in place an integrated land use assessment system that will improve the management of land resources in order to contribute to poverty alleviation. Integrated land use assessments will also bring and enhance cross sectoral coordination and collaboration between land use management institutions in the country by bringing all stakeholders together.

Final Reports

Final Report - Integrated Land Use Assessment (ILUA) - Zambia 2005-2008         

Use of integrated land use assessment (ILUA) data for environmental and agricultural policy review and analysis in Zambia


Methodology and Approach


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