GlobAllomeTree: the international tree allometric equation platform

The GlobAllomeTree tool is the first international, web-based platform designed to improve global access to tree allometric equations and therefore to support forest and climate-change project developers, researchers, scientists and foresters to assess forest volume and biomass, and carbon stocks.

Allometric equations are the most used tool to assess volume or biomass from forest inventory data (e.g. tree diameter and height). Despite their importance, existing equations are often scattered over forest research centers, forest administrations, logging companies and libraries. As a response , the GlobAllomeTree platform was developed and provides:

  • a consistent and harmonized database of tree and stand volume and biomass allometric equations;
  • a software to compare equations and assess variables of interests, such as volume, biomass and carbon stocks;
  • easy access to scientific research information on allometric equations; and
  • access to tutorials, manuals and documentation supporting the development and use of tree allometric equations.

The platform was jointly developed by FAO, the French Research Centre CIRAD and Tuscia University. GlobAllomeTree products are freely accessible at: Contact the GlobAllomeTree administrator at:

Manual for building tree volume and biomass equations

Jointly published by FAO and the French research centre CIRAD, the Manual for building tree volume and biomass allometric equations provides all the necessary information from the field work to the biomass estimation. The appropriate development and use of the tree allometric equations are particularly important when assessing forest carbon stocks and carbon stock changes. This will help national policymakers to make informed decisions regarding bioenergy development and climate change mitigation activities. 

The manual is designed for students, researchers and engineers who wish to acquire the knowledge and methodology to establish allometric equations to assess the volume, biomass or mineral mass of trees. It provides numerous examples and detailed technical advice, so there are few prerequisites for users.

The Manual is available in English, French and Spanish, in high resolution files as well as low resolution (where pictures resolution has been reduced). See links on the right side column.

last updated:  Wednesday, June 1, 2016