Conference Programme

Preliminary Conference Programme

Conference presentations, both oral and in poster format, have been regrouped into 18 distinct sessions that, together with the keynote presentations, form the basis of the Conference programming. This large number of sessions has forced us to plan for four to five concurrent sessions on each day, but we tried to program concurrent sessions with widely different topics in the hope of decreasing the difficulty in choosing which session to attend.

Posters are also associated with the technical sessions. However, posters will not be physically in the rooms where the sessions are held. We have therefore programmed daily poster sessions in order for the poster information to be presented in a timely manner to inform session discussions. Poster authors will therefore be required to be at their poster on the day when their associated technical session is held.

All sessions will end with a moderated discussion period aiming to capture observations on gaps and insights about future policies, actions and programmes. Notes from these discussions will form the basis of the Conference Report. Participants are encouraged to participate in these discussions and should therefore attend sessions from start to finish, including viewing the posters associated with their sessions of choice.

last updated:  Thursday, May 27, 2010