E-learning courses

To make the key messages of the Guide even more accessible, FAO has developed two free e-learning courses.

Click on the images below to access these informative, interactive courses and learn at your own pace!

Trade in forest commodities and the role of phytosanitary measures

Help ensure safe international trade in forest commodities by learning more about the importance and relevance of phytosanitary measures



Good practices for forest health protection

Help minimize the presence and spread of forest pests and encourage safe trade by refreshing your knowledge of forest health practices and associated phytosanitary standards

Bonnes pratiques pour la protection sanitaire des forêts

Contribuer à réduire la présence et la propagation des ravageurs forestiers et d'encourager la sécurité du commerce en actualisant vos connaissances des pratiques pour la santé phytosanitaire des forêts et des normes phytosanitaires associées


Good  Practices for forest health protection - Africa edition


last updated:  Friday, October 11, 2013