Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why should I use Foris?


Foris contains several components. Many of those are aimed at "keeping track of stuff" or more formally correct expressed as: "enables users to maintain and update large amounts of structured content". With the help of Foris users can maintain meetings information, contacts, duty travels and so forth.

Foris is built in way so this information is easily to publish onto one or several web sites.

The system also contains a web publishing module (content management system CMS), making it easy to create and maintain web sites.

Using Foris, it is possible to publish information onto a web site implicitly, while the main aim is to keep information updated, information needed for the efficient work of the concerned unit. With this mindset, web publishing is a side effect of doing regular work.

In short: Foris enables efficient information processing, shares the burden of web publishing and empowers its site owners.

Why is Forestry doing this?

When the first steps were taken developing Foris, no other CMS was used in FAO. In Forestry we saw a need for maintaining our own information and content in an efficient way. We simply built what we needed, as there was no corporate tool in place.

FAO Forestry has repeatedly been trying to raise the lack of corporate tools in this area to the corporate level, but failed to get the attention from responsible units. As it is, no official alternatives have been presented. We therefore continue to develop Foris, hoping the way of working and the functionality available can be used a ruler against which proposed systems can be measured.

For Forestry there is no additional cost with yet another web site, or an additional group using the system. On the contrary, the more information stored in the system, the easier it becomes sharing this information between users and sites.

last updated:  Monday, April 4, 2011