The National Forest Programme Facility (Facility) is a funding mechanism and an information initiative (created in 2002) in response to the intergovernmental dialogue on forests, recognizing the essential role of national forest programmes (nfps) in addressing forest sector issues. The Facility supports the national forest policy process in its partner countries through active participation of stakeholders, capacity building, awareness raising and information sharing activities.

The Facility is hosted by FAO but it operates under the authority of an International Steering Committee representing the key partners for forestry development in the world.  

The Facility Team is composed by several staff (called "coaches") based at FAO Head Quarters in Rome and in the field (South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific).

The Facility management, its administration and the information services are all located at the FAO HQ. 

A mini, tailor-made, "oracle system" has been built under the Foris umbrella as a special module for managing and monitoring the Facility partnerships in the 60 partner countries (with more countries to join in 2009), to keep track of the information details of the many national partners, their contracts, the status of the different payments related to the small grants, and all other related information needed for the project execution and management. The system is drawing upon much of the basic application infrastructure already in place in Foris.




last updated:  Monday, November 24, 2008