Foris training

Group (class room) training is offered on various aspects of Foris. Depending on duties, skills, and interests, various courses can be taken. The offerings are listed in this section.

The base course "information and knowledge management using Foris" is recommended to anyone in FAO, regardless level or duties. This course is of particular interest to site owners, and everyone working hands-on, using Foris. Foris is used as the example tool, but all concepts and issues are common across the house.

In Rome, courses are normally held in the "black building" (building F) where also language training takes place. Typically the computer training rooms on floor 3 are used for the Foris training.  

Upcoming training

November 13th Country stat targetted traning - using Foris for maintaining a web site, E-305, 14-17


Stefania Bacci
Carola Fabi
Ilio Fornasero
Dirk Hahn
Achim Markmiller
Carlos Palmer
Angela Piersante
Andi Shiraz

last updated:  Tuesday, November 4, 2008