Information and knowledge management using Foris

This is an "eye-opener" basic course, covering the information types hosted inside Foris. The course gives an overview of how the Foris modules can be used by a unit/thematic officer, and how information maintained in Foris can be published onto the Web, using the Foris WebDev module.

The course does not go into detail with each and every information type, or how to use the Web publishing tool. These aspects are covered by targeted training sessions.

Target audience: all (who have not yet worked with Foris).
Duration: 3 hours

People trained

Gillian Allard
Dan Olof Altrell
Susan Braatz
Maria Casa
Elisabetta Casagrande
Paola Giondini
Sophie Grouwels
Karoliina Lindroos
Michela Mancurti
Adriana Nabulon
Susy Tafuro

last updated:  Friday, October 3, 2008