Web publishing using Foris WebDev - basics

Basic theory on terminology (what is a site, what is a page) and content structuring is covered, before we move onto a hands-on session creating and editing a site and its content.

This course is useful for all site owners, site authors and site translators. It gives the basic knowledge on how to create sites and pages, and how to populate these with simple content.

Linking in content maintained in Foris content repositories is not covered in depth in this course. Targeted courses are offered for individual information types.

Prerequisite: having taken the "information and knowledge management using Foris" course, or attained a basic knowledge of Foris in some other way.
Target audience:  site owners, site authors and site translators
Duration: 3 hours

People trained

Anna Maria Alba
Tina Antonini
Elisabetta Casagrande
Tina Etherington
Sophie Grouwels
Andrew Inglis
Mike Kalle Jurvelius
Michela Mancurti
Heliette Marchadier
Elisa Peter
Simmone Rose
Dieter Schoene
Pierre Sigaud
Okwen Tenjoh
Miguel Angel Trossero
Pieter van Lierop
Heiner Johannes von Luepke

last updated:  Friday, October 3, 2008