WebDev is an acronymn that "stuck". It stands for Web development. WedDev is the Foris web publishing module. It supports common tasks as creating Web sites and Web pages, grouping pages into sites, translating them and later maintaining sites and pages.

Foris WebDev seamlessly integrates information entered in other Foris modules such as Networking, Stats, meetings, with the overall Web presentation. Also FAO corporate systems data is incorporated whenever possible.

Using Foris WebDev greatly streamlines and aids the creation of Web sites and pages. The system is aimed at presenting information in a coherent way, particularly regarding:

  • Graphical design
  • HTML quality
  • Navigation
  • Labelling system
  • Data consistency

Web publishing is a huge area and the reader is recommended visiting the detailed WebDev site covering most aspects of WebDev and the Foris approach to Web publishing.

last updated:  Tuesday, November 11, 2008