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Foris is an FAO developed information and knowledge management system which aids the production and management of data, information, and finally knowledge.

A fundamental philosophy behind the Foris development is that information and knowledge management is something everybody is engaged in, throughout the organization. Target users are everyone working in FAO. Depending on role different tasks can be completed using Foris, and all can and should contribute.

Foris supports this by a number of web-enabled, independent, yet fully integrated sub-modules as seen under the heading "Modules" in the table of content on the left hand side. Each module embraces a certain type of content commonly managed.

Foris is particularly useful for

  • handling country information;
  • handling multi-lingual content;
  • situations with many sites and site owners;
  • drawing information from existing content repositories;


The name

The name Foris is Latin for outside, abroaddoor, or gateway depending on context and opinion. We thought it was appropriate for a system delivering information and being available everywhere.


How to become a user

All FAO staff can become users. No official approval is required. For units with an institutionalized Foris usage, this should happen automtically when a new staff member takes up his/her duties. 

Should this not happen or you are otherwise interested in using the system, click here.

Watch a video on how to access foris


last updated:  Monday, September 23, 2013