Specification of National Reporting Table T5

T5 Growing stock

T5.1 Rationale

The information on 'Growing stock' is essential to understand the dynamics and productive capacity of Forest and Other wooded land in order to develop national policies and strategies for a sustainable use of the forest resources.

T5.2 Specifications

Units and reporting years

Unit of reportingMillion cubic meters over bark (round wood)
Area to which reported figures referArea classified as 'Forest' and 'Other wooded land' in table T1
Reporting years1990, 2000 and 2005

Categories and definitions

Growing stockVolume over bark of all living trees more than X cm in diameter at breast height (or above buttress if these are higher). Includes the stem from ground level or stump height up to a top diameter of Y cm, and may also include branches to a minimum diameter of W cm.

Explanatory notes

  1. The countries must indicate the three thresholds (X, Y, W in cm) and the parts of the tree that are not included in the volume. The countries must also indicate whether the reported figures refer to volume above ground or above stump.
  2. Includes windfallen living trees.
  3. Excludes: Smaller branches, twigs, foliage, flowers, seeds, and roots.
Commercial growing stockThe part of the growing stock of species that are considered as commercial or potentially commercial under current market conditions, and with a diameter at breast height of Z cm or more.

Explanatory notes

  1. Includes all commercial and potentially commercial (merchantable) species for domestic and international markets.
  2. Excludes growing stock on areas where legal, economic or other specific restrictions prevent felling and removal of wood
  3. The countries must indicate the minimum diameter (Z cm) applied for considering a tree as being commercial.
  4. When most species are commercial, i.e. in the temperate and boreal zone, the ¿Commercial growing stock¿ can be close to the ¿Growing stock¿. On the other hand, when only a small fraction of all species are merchantable, it can be considerably smaller.

Current and past definitions are available onFRA 2005 Terms and Definitions

Reporting table template

FRA 2005 categoriesArea (1000 hectares)
ForestOther wooded land
Growing stock

Commercial growing stock


Internal consistency

The table T5 is related to national reporting tables T6 on Biomass and T7 on Carbon as the figures on growing stock usually constitute the base for calculation of biomass and carbon stock.
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