Specification of National Reporting Table T15

T15 Employment in forestry

T15.1 Rationale

The information on employment in forestry is useful in identifying trends, especially in the context of public expectations, government policies, industry developments and socio-economic dependence.

T15.2 Specifications

Units and reporting years

Unit of reporting1000 person-years of full time employment
Reporting years1990 and 2000

Categories and definitions

The term "Employment" is defined as: Any type of work performed or services rendered under a contract of hire, written or oral, in exchange for wage or salary, in cash or in kind.1

In this reporting table, countries will report on employment in primary production of goods and services and related forestry activities. These are further divided into the following categories:

Primary production of goods Employment in activities related to primary production of goods, like industrial roundwood, woodfuel and non-wood forest products.

Explanatory notes

  1. Employment in direct productive activities such as planting, seeding, silviculture, logging, terrain transport, collection of NWFP, including administrative and supervisory staff in companies that are engaged in such activities.
  2. Employment in direct supporting activities to production of goods, such as plant production in nurseries, etc.
  3. Contractors working in activities as mentioned under (1) above, even if these are legally considered as self-employed.
  4. Employment in direct supervision of these activities by private and/or public entities.
Provision of servicesEmployment in activities directly related to services from forests and woodlands .

Explanatory notes

  1. Includes employment in activities such as forestry-related eco-tourism, plantation and management of protective plantations, guarding of national parks, etc., independently whether carried out by private or public entities.
  2. Includes employment in direct supervision of these activities by private and/or public entities.
Unspecified forestry activitiesEmployment in unspecified forestry activities.

Explanatory note

  1. Countries may choose to report employment under this category if their data does not permit a separate reporting on the previous categories.

1Sources: ILO and Employment Security Commission

Current and past definitions are available onFRA 2005 Terms and Definitions

Reporting table template

FRA 2005 categoriesArea (1000 hectares)
Primary production of goods

Provision of services

Unspecified forestry activities


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