Specification of National Reporting Table T10

T10 Growing stock composition

T10.1 Rationale

The information on 'Growing stock composition' is important for understanding the dynamics of forests composition and addresses some critical issues relating to conservation of biodiversity. It also helps in developing efficient management plans and to satisfy needs for national and international reporting related to biodiversity.

T10.2 Specifications

Units and reporting years

Unit of reportingMillion m3
Area to which reported figures referArea classified as 'Forest' in table T1
Reporting years1990 and 2000


The categories in this table constitute a list of the ten most common tree species in terms of total growing stock. Year 2000 is the reference year for defining the species list and the order or the species.

Current and past definitions are available onFRA 2005 Terms and Definitions

Reporting table template

FRA 2005 category/Species name
(Scientific name and common name)
Growing Stock in Forests
(million cubic meters)
Name of 1st most common species

Name of 2nd most common species

... ... ...

Name of 10th most common species

Remainder of species


Note: Each species should be specified by both scientific name and common name. Countries may report on genera instead of species if their inventory data do not allow the distinction of individual species within certain species groups.

Internal consistency

The totals of growing stock should correspond to the total growing stock presented for 'Forest' in reporting table T5.

last updated:  Monday, March 1, 2004