Specification of National Reporting Table T8

T8 Disturbances affecting health and vitality

T8.1 Rationale

A disturbance is defined as an environmental fluctuation and destructive event that disturb forest health, structure, and/or change resources or physical environment at any given spatial or temporal scale. Disturbances that affect health and vitality, include biotic agents such as insects and diseases and abiotic agents such as fire, pollution and extreme weather conditions. To manage the impact of these agents it is essential to develop appropriate management regimes and to mitigate their impact.

T8.2 Specifications

Units and reporting years

Unit of reporting1000 hectares
Area to which reported figures referArea classified as 'Forest' and 'Other wooded land' in T1
Reporting years1990 and 2000. The figures for each reporting year should represent a five-year average of annually affected areas for the period 1988-1992 and 1998-2002 respectively.

Categories and definitions

Disturbance by fireDisturbance caused by wildfire, independently whether it broke out inside or outside the forest/OWL.

Explanatory note

  1. A wildfire is any unplanned and uncontrolled wildland fire which, regardless of ignition source, may require suppression response.
Disturbance by insectsDisturbance caused by insect pests that are detrimental to tree health.
Disturbance by diseasesDisturbance caused by diseases attributable to pathogens, such as a bacteria, fungi, phytoplasma or virus.
Other disturbanceDisturbance caused by other factors than fire, insects or diseases.

Explanatory note

  1. The countries should specify type of disturbance included in this category.

In order to be accounted for and included in the reported figures, a disturbance should cover an area of at least 0.5 hectares and generate an impact that significantly affects the health and vitality of the forest / other wooded land. The categories in this table are not exclusive; hence a piece of land with two or more disturbances that affect health and vitality will be counted once for each disturbance.

Current and past definitions are available onFRA 2005 Terms and Definitions

Reporting table template

FRA 2005 categoriesAverage annual area affected (1000 hectares)
ForestOther wooded land
Disturbance by fire

Disturbance by insects

Disturbance by diseases

Other disturbance

Note: The year 1990 and 2000 in this table represent five year averages to take care of annual fluctuations. The 1990 figures should be average of area affected during 1988 to 1992 and the figures for 2000 should be average of 1998 to 2002.

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