Thematic study on planted forests

This study complements FRA 2005 with more detailed information and analysis on planted forests around the globe. Its aims are to: provide inputs into a global outlook on the future supply of forest products and services from planted forests; better understand the role of planted forests in the mosaic of land uses in the broader landscape; and offer factual inputs into the ongoing process of deriving a planted forest code.

A survey was undertaken of countries reporting high proportions of semi-natural forests and large areas of forest plantations. As a first step, the survey requested countries to differentiate the planted forest component of semi-natural forests and forest plantations, collectively known as the planted forest subset.

Management and ownership of planted forests have changed over the period 1990–2005. Consequently, countries were asked to report their management designation for primarily productive or primarily protective purposes, as well as ownership, for the reporting periods 1990, 2000 and 2005.

Planted forests managed primarily for productive purposes supply wood, fibre, fuelwood and NWFPs for industrial purposes, but can also provide social, cultural and environmental services. Planted forests managed primarily for protective purposes protect soil and water, rehabilitate degraded lands and conserve biological diversity and carbon sinks, but can also include minor harvesting of forest products.

Management parameters reported include the top ten species, growth rates, rotation lengths and age and class distributions for both productive and protective designations, as well as harvest yields for planted forests managed for productive purposes. Ownership is reported as state, private-sector corporate, smallholder or ‘other’.

Countries were also asked to report on the main forest products, including sawlogs, pulpwood and fibre, industrial bioenergy, NWFPs and ‘unspecified’. In addition, data were solicited on the services offered by planted forests, including the environment, recreation, non-industrial fuelwood and ‘unspecified’.

Data collection was carried out by FRA 2005 national correspondents, with the participation of in-country specialists in planted forests.


Working Paper FP/38

Global planted forests thematic study. Results and analysis



A. Del Lungo, J. Ball and J. Carle. December 2006

last updated:  Tuesday, March 13, 2007