Background documents

FRA Long-term strategy and experts consultations

To promote a Global Forest Resources Assessment that meets long-term global needs, the Committee on Forestry (COFO) in its twentieth session (2010), requested FAO to prepare a long-term strategy for the FRA programme consistent with prospects for sustainable funding. The strategy underwent a series of consultations and revision before being endorsed by COFO in its twenty-first session (2012).

In this page it is possible to download the long-term strategy for FRA and the reports from the expert consultations, as well as the FRA implementation plan. Kindly click on the below links to access the documentation:

FRA Online User Survey 2012

As part of the FRA2015 preparation process, FAO conducted an online survey in order to solicit client inputs to the FRA. The result of the survey were used to help shape the contents of the FRA2015 and will be further used to define the kinds of outputs that will be produced from Country Reports and remote sensing. The survey results presented here are summarized by:

• Users vs non-users: survey respondents were asked to self-identify themselves as having either used past FRA reports or had not yet used them.
• Geographic region where the respondent works.
• The type of user - government, private sector, NGO, intergovernmental

The survey ran for some 3 weeks in May 2012 and was summarized by Ingenium Communications, the FAO contractor that designed and conducted the survey. Key results demonstrated the importance of tracking progress toward sustainable forest management, forest area, biodiversity and production forestry. The survey also indicated some differences between respondent views in different regions and user types. These differences will be essential in defining specific communications outputs during 2014-2015. To download the results of the survey kindly click on the documents posted below in pdf format:

-Survey summary by users vs non-users 
-Survey summary by region 
-Survey summary by audience 

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