FRA 2015 Country reporting process

The backbone of FRA 2015 is the country reporting process where the best available and most recent information from all countries and territories is compiled and analysed.  

FAO is therefore requesting all countries to elaborate and submit a comprehensive report following a standardized format and methodology. The reports are prepared by the officially nominated National Correspondents and submit to FAO.

There are two options for submitting the reports, either in word format via e-mail or using the  new  Forest Resources Information Management System (FRIMS), which is an online means of completing the FRA 2015 data entry. The submitted country reports will undergo review by a team of reviewers and once the review is completed, countries will be asked to confirm the report before it is published. The finalized country reports will be sent to the Head of Forestry for confirmation.

Reference documents, main activities and deadlines for the country reporting process for FRA 2015 are outlined below.


Tentative date


Global Meeting in Preparation for the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015 (FRA 2015) and the Collaborative Forest Resources Questionnaire (CFRQ) (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

6-10 May 2013

Training of National Correspondents and work on the FRA 2015 country reports and the CFRQ questionnaires.

Regional,  sub-regional and national workshops

March 2013 –November 2013

Country reporting process, technical assistance including regional workshops and review of draft country reports.

Deadline for submission of draft country reports

15 July 2013

Countries are strongly encouraged to submit draft reports well in advance of the deadline.

Deadline for completion of final  country reports

15 October 2013

Country reports reviewed and completed.

Confirmation  of final country reports


Official request for validation of the final country reports will be sent to countries.

Public release of  FRA 2015 report(s), public access to FRIMS and the country reports

September 2015

 All country reports are made publicly available on internet.

Reference documents are available to facilitate the country reporting and improve the understanding on how to interpret the definitions, categories, and reporting requirements set out for FRA 2015.

FRA2015 Guides for Country Reporting

FRA2015 Terms and Definitions

 FRA2015 Templates

 Available in English, French and Spanish

Available in English, French and Spanish

 Available in English, French and Spanish


last updated:  Wednesday, January 28, 2015