Background documents

A number of background documents have been prepared in order to provide information and to support the discussions in working groups and plenary sessions. The background documents are oriented according to the seven thematic elements of sustainable forest management but there are also a few background papers on specific issues.

List of background papers

Forest area and forest area change<br> Forest characteristics<br> Forest designation, management and use<br> Growing stock, biomass and carbon<br> Remote sensing assessment (full document, 2 Mb)<br> Remote sensing assessment (executive summary)<br> Conservation of biodiversity<br> Forest health and vitality<br> Productive functions<br> Protective functions<br> Socio-economic functions<br> Legal, policy and institutional framework<br> Ownership<br><br> FRA 2005 - Specification of national reporting tables
FRA 2005 - Guidelines for country reporting
FRA 2005 - Terms and definitions

Extract from Proceedings from the 2nd Expert meeting on harmonizing forest-related definitions, 11-13 September 2002
Extract from Proceedings from the 3rd Expert meeting on harmonizing forest-related definitions, 17-19 January 2005
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