Working group sessions

Most of the discussions will take place in working groups. Each participant can choose in which working group he/she wants to participate.

Terms of Reference (ToR) have been prepared for each working group (see the list below) and they contain a number of issues/questions to be discussed. The conclusions and recommendations of each working group should be summarized in a written report and presented during the following plenary session.

A number of background documents have been prepared in order to provide information and to support the discussions in working groups.

Terms of reference for the working groups

Tuesday June 13

Forest area and forest area change<br> Forest characteristics<br> Forest designation, management and use<br> Growing stock, biomass and carbon<br> 

Wednesday June 14

Remote sensing<br> Conservation of biodiversity<br> Forest health and vitality<br> Productive functions<br> Protective functions<br> Socio-economic functions<br> Legal, policy and institutional framework<br> 

last updated:  Wednesday, June 7, 2006