Objectives and expected outcomes

The Kotka V Expert Consultation has four main objectives:
  • To evaluate FRA 2005: country reporting process, variables, information gaps, network of country correspondents and dissemination of results;
  • To assess the need and feasibility for implementing an independent study using remote sensing to validate some of the estimates at regional and global levels (primarily forest area and changes over time) and to gather information on forest area change dynamics;
  • To enhance collaboration with other forestry related reporting processes and organizations;
  • To provide general guidance for FRA 2010 (process and content).
Key issues to discuss
  • Which themes and topics should be enhanced to further increase the relevance of the FRA programme and for reporting on progress towards sustainable forest management?
  • Which information requirements of CBD, UNFCCC, ITTO, MCPFE and other international reporting processes could be addressed by FRA 2010, and how could the process for such streamlined reporting be organized?
  • How should reporting tables, variables and definitions in the country reporting to FRA 2010 be modified (additions, deletions, changes) compared to FRA 2005?
  • How should a global remote sensing survey for FRA 2010 be designed and implemented to complement the country reporting?
  • How should the National Correspondents network be strengthened and supported to facilitate:
      (a) country reporting to FRA (including on-line reporting facilities),
      (b) participation in the remote sensing survey, and
      (c) enhance networking and feedback at the national level?
Expected outcomes
  • Identification of key information needs on forest resources, both on national and international level
  • Identification of topics and variables to be included in FRA 2010
  • Agreement on core tables for country reports
  • Identification of priority thematic studies
  • Agreement on the scope and approach of a proposed remote sensing component
  • Suggestions for further development of the "synthesis assessment" on progress towards sustainable forest management
  • Recommendations/suggestions for future reporting periodicity and modality
  • Suggestions for how to improve networking among national correspondent
  • Recommendations for how to further harmonize and streamline reporting on forests with other international processes
last updated:  Wednesday, June 7, 2006