Regional training and review workshops for country reporting

During theTraining Session of National Correspondentsto the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 (FRA 2005), held in Rome in November 2003, there was a strong request from the countries to continue with training and guidance for national reporting to FRA 2005 in order to secure that the national information is provided to FAO timely and according to the FRA specifications.

Some of the countries could not participate in the November 2003 training and they may need initial guidance to get started with the elaboration of national reports. In addition, many countries will need further guidance in order to fill in the gaps and finalize their submission to FRA 2005. Therefore, two types of regional events are envisioned for 2004:

  • Regional Training of National Correspondents (RT): The regional training will be targeted to those countries that did not participate in the November 2003 training in Rome. The training is provided by FRA to the NCs so that they understand the FRA 2005 reporting concepts, methodology and formats and can organize the development of their national reports accordingly.
  • Regional Review of National Reports (RR): The regional workshops to review the draft national reports will be targeted to those countries whose national correspondents need further guidance and seek clarifications or help in finalizing their draft national reports. FRA secretariat or representative at such regional workshop will provide support and guidance to ensure that national reports are submitted in time and meet the FRA specifications.
The Training of national correspondents is planned for the period April - June 2004, while the Review workshops are planned for the period July - October 2004. Duration of these events may vary between 3 to 4 days depending on regional needs.

Further information by region, will be available on the web.

last updated:  Monday, November 27, 2006