Near East Regional Workshop
on Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005

Beirut, Lebanon 21-22 May 2004

The FRA 2005 workshop for NE countries was organized as a side event to Near East Forestry Commission that was held in Beirut in May 24-27.

The workshop objectives were to:
  1. present the FRA 2005 process, including the National Reporting Tables, following the outcomes and suggestions from the November Training Session held in Rome, in November 2003;
  2. present the new tools that have been developed to facilitate the work of the National Correspondents, such as the documents Guidelines for country reporting and the Country Reporting template;
  3. review the work done so far by the Near Eastern countries in compiling the national reporting tables for FRA 2005, share countries' experiences on the reporting process and to describe how FAO may provide support to linked activities such as National Forest Assessments;
  4. establish the time schedule and define deadlines for the country reporting to FRA 2005;
  5. provide technical assistance and further guidance in order to ensure consistent high-quality reporting that would meet the specifications established for FRA 2005.

The workshop was the first of a series of several regional workshops that will be held in 2004; experiences and feed-back from this meeting will be taken into account to further improve upcoming workshops.


16 Near Eastern countries were represented by 24 participants from Afghanistan, Cyprus, Egypt, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yemen.
Participants from a private consulting company and from an Arab NGO also attended the meeting.

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Conference arrangements

The regional workshop on Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 for Near East was held in Beirut, Republic of Lebanon, from 21 to 22 May 2004.

It was hosted by the Lebanese Government and jointly organized by the FAO Forestry Department in Rome and the Regional Office for the Near East in Cairo, together with the local NGO, the Association for Forestry Development and Conservation (AFDC).

The Opening Session took place on Friday 21 May 2004, at 8:30 hrs in the Conference Room of the Holiday Inn in Beirut.


The workshop was conducted in English, Arabic and French. Simultaneous interpretation for the three languages was provided.

Background material to FRA 2005

Background documents for reporting to FRA 2005 were previously sent to the National Correspondents. They are available at:
After the meeting, a CD with all the material coming from the workshop presentations was sent to the participants.

FAO Contact persons

Mr LarsGunnar Marklund (as National Reporting Coordinator) and Ms Federica Urbani (as the FRA Secretariat Focal Point for NE countries) were responsible for the presentations and providing technical assistance to the countries.
Dr. Hassan Abdel Nour, Senior Forestry Officer at the FAO Regional Office for the Near East, chaired the discussions, took care of the organization of the event and the arrangements for the participants.

A report on the FRA workshop was prepared and presented to the Near East Forestry Commission.

FRA Report to the 16th session of the NEFC 
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