Regional Training of East Asian National Correspondents

26-28 May 2004, Yokohama (Japan)

A three day training workshop for National Correspondents from East Asian countries was hosted by ITTO from 26 to 28 May 2004 in Yokohama, Japan.
It was organized jointly by FAO and ITTO especially for the benefit of those East Asian countries that could not attend the NCs Training Session held in Rome on November 2003.
The FAO Regional Office for the Asia Pacific actively participated in the planning and deliberations of the meeting.


In total ten professionals representing five countries (China, East Timor, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam) and a professional from INBAR actively participated at the meeting that was chaired by three resource persons (ITTO, FAORAP, and FRA secretariat).

List of participants<br> Agenda of the meeting 


The main objective of the workshop was to introduce, explain and train the NCs in country reporting to FRA 2005 and facilitate the development of their national work plans to ensure timely reporting to FRA 2005.

The training efforts covered the concept of FRA, the information generation process, the national reporting tables, the thematic reporting and the development of national work plans for submititting the country reports to FRA 2005.

The meeting achieved all of its objectives. The participants familiarized themselves with the format, content, information generation process and reporting mechanism of FRA 2005.
The participating countries expressed their willingness to provide their country reports to FRA 2005 well in time.
They drew work plans for the coming six months in order to develop their country submissions to FRA and agreed to bring their informal reports to the proposed regional review meeting of NCs for Asia Pacific region that would be held in November 2004 in Bangkok. All participating countries, other than Japan, requested for financial and technical help from FAO to facilitate development of their country reports to FRA 2005.

Conference arrangements

The meeting was organized in the meeting room of ITTO at International Organizations Center, Pacifico-Yokohama, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan. ITTO made all the local arrangements and provided the necessary secretarial support and hospitality during the meeting.


The meeting was conducted in English language.

Background material to FRA 2005

Background documents for reporting to FRA 2005 are available at:

FAO Contact persons

Mr Kailash Govil, FRA Focal Point for Asia and Pacific Region.
Mr Masakazu Kashio, Regional Officer for the Asia Pacific.

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