Information note 5, 31 March 2004

Dear colleagues,

FAO opened an online discussion forum for the FRA 2005 process. This site will provide you a space to facilitate discussion among the national country correspondents, to support you on FRA 2005 reporting process and to promote technical discussion on issues you might me interested . Most of the discussions will be held in English, the moderator will facilitate the translations of questions and comments coming in French or Spanish. You can access the site through:

All country correspondents are kindly invited to register yourself by compiling the information located in the next web-site.

Please find the main contents of the site:

Online discussions - FRA 2005

For information on FRA 2005, see:

Ongoing discussions:

  1. General aspects of the FRA 2005 process
  2. National reporting tables and related guidelines
  3. Reporting template and compilation of country reports
  4. Thematic country reports
Moderator of these discussions is Hivy Ortiz Chour. Please contact her if you need assistance related to these online discussions.

last updated:  Monday, February 6, 2006