Information note 13, 11 April 2006

Dear National Correspondents,

Once again, many thanks for your contribution to the FRA 2005 process. We would not have been able to provide such a comprehensive - and timely - overview of the status of the world¿s forest resources without your co-operation and substantial inputs.

The English version of the FRA 2005 main report was released in New York on 14 February and was very well received. Your copy of the report is in the mail.

So the FRA 2005 process is NEARLY complete. However, we do have one more favour to ask: In order to continuously improve our work, we would like to ask you to please provide us with your feedback and comments on the FRA 2005 process and contents. This can be done by completing an on-line evaluation questionnaire, which can be found at the following address:

Please spend approx. 20 minutes of your time to fill in this questionnaire not later than 30 April 2006 so that we can take your comments into account when preparing the background documentation for the forthcoming Expert Consultation on FRA (Kotka V) to be held in June 2006.

Unfortunately, our resources and the logistical arrangements do not allow us to invite all of you to Kotka, but we have made every effort to have a good geographical coverage and are keen to ensure that all of you will be able to provide inputs. So please fill in the questionnaire regardless of whether you are going to the meeting or not ¿ and please pay particular attention to the last few questions related to any suggestions you may have for FRA 2010.

If you have problems accessing the above site or prefer to fill in a Word version of the questionnaire, please contact Kewin Kamelarczyk (, Tel: +39 06 5705 4833).

On a separate matter, please note that Ralph Ridder, who is a member of the FRA Advisory Group, has agreed to help prepare a background paper for the Kotka meeting on a proposed remote sensing component for FRA 2010. He may contact some of you as part of his assignment. Those of you who are interested in providing an input to this paper can also contact him directly at: .

Best regards

Mette Wilkie

last updated:  Tuesday, July 4, 2006