Many national forest policies and international commitments emphasize that sustainable management of forests be given effect through different types of voluntary tools. These provide guiding principles on forest use to help policy makers and forest managers achieve desired outcomes.

This web site presents various internationally developed forestry codes and guidelines. They vary in scope and level from detailed operational practices to broader policy guidelines, and from regional to global.

Recent developments

FAO has worked with a wide range of stakeholders to develop voluntary guidelines on:

- Fire Management (Website, Document) , and

- Responsible Management of Planted Forests (Website, Document)

Both of these were released in February 2007. They are built around a set of guiding principles that cover social, economic and environmental dimensions. The adoption and implementation of these voluntary guidelines will depend on the interest and commitment of stakeholders.

Voluntary guidelines on Fire management and Planted forests released. See links above.

Forestry Codes and guidelines on this site are listed as far as known. Omissions are a sign of missing information rather than opinion. Readers of this site are strongly encouraged to let us know about missing codes and guidelines relevant in the field of forestry.

General feed back on this subject and Web site is also much welcome. Kindly write to Petteri.Vuorinen@fao.org.

last updated:  Friday, July 18, 2008